Saturday Assorted Links

1. UK Appoints a Minister of Loneliness.

“Throughout 2017 we have heard from new parents, children, disabled people, carers, refugees and older people about their experience of loneliness. Government research has found that about 200,000 older people in Britain had not had a conversation with a friend or relative in more than a month.”

Let’s not kid ourselves, this problem is not limited to the UK. Loneliness can be associated with. . .

“a greater risk of cardiovascular disease, dementia, depression and anxiety.”

2. How to Maintain Friendships.

“Ms. Nelson also suggests being aware of the three areas to measure and evaluate a functional friendship. The first area is positivity: laughter, affirmation, gratitude and any acts of service. The second is consistency, or having interactions on a continual basis, which makes people feel safe and close to each other. The third is vulnerability, which is the revealing and the sharing of our lives.

“Any relationship that doesn’t have those three things isn’t a healthy friendship,” Ms. Nelson said. If you’re noticing a cooling with a friend, usually one of these areas needs special consideration.”

Friendships are organic; consequently, I’d suggest “reflecting upon” instead of measuring and evaluating.

3. No One Wants Your Used Clothes Anymore.

“. . . this could add up to an environmental disaster in the making.”

I’m going to do my part by buying less.

4. Why Don’t Norwegians Immigrate to the U.S.?

I was proud of the Gal Pal Monday morning in Victoria, BC’s Hotel Grand Pacific Garden Cafe for her skilled eavesdropping. Her smile and raised eye brow alerted me to a sixty-something man reading an article like this one to his wife. Between a steady stream of international statistics, he’d repeat, “Yeah, why would a Norwegian think of immigrating to the U.S.?!”

With lakes like this, reverse migration is more likely.


5. A tiny insect stands between a billionaire and his golf course.

Such great pictures.

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