Caption Contest

Winner gets to brag to their family and friends. Enter early and often.

  1. DUUzB7iWAAAygoC.jpg
  2. im-leaving-the-democratic-party-today-democrats-are-infuriated-by-their-own-partys-deal-with-the-gop-to-reopen-the-government.jpg3.  PqVgOsQL.jpg

1.Remember, Vlad said button our coats to signal all is good on the campaign collusion front.

2. Among your fav blogs, where does Pressing Pause rate?

3. Someday, you little shit, your hair is going to look exactly like this.

6 thoughts on “Caption Contest

  1. 1.I am so much taller than these Lilliputians they got around here.
    2. Now children, your DACA homework is due February 8!
    3. Whoo, whoo, look at that guy’s wife!

  2. 1. Trump – “These idiots act like they don’t know who is in charge.”
    2. Pelosi – “President Trump . . . you are a f*****g idiot.”
    3. Trump – (apologies to Lynn) – “OOHEE young man – You see that babe to our right?”

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