Wednesday Assorted Link

1. What to do when you inherit old family photos.

Answer, “hire an organizer to help you.” A “new economy” job made for Jeanette Byrnes.

2. Woman in Turkey seeks divorce over husband’s bicycle “obsession”.

Oh oh.

3. Officials in jail after Burundi President is “roughed up” in a football match.

How long until Trump starts jailing golf partners who outplay him?

4. At 15, Juggling Freshman Year and an International Squash Career.

“In juniors, you can go for shots from the backcourt and run to get out of situations. The pros are much more disciplined. They’re stronger and more physical. But in the end, it’s all about competing. And I love to compete.”

5. A dose of Korean Peninsula reality.

6. Why white evangelicals abandoned their principles for Donald Trump.

Early Michael Gerson, “As I worked on the piece and read a lot of these [evangelical] leaders, it really dawned on me that a number of them were happy that Trump was hitting back at people who disdained him. They feel they’ve been bullied, and they want powerful pushback. I find that psychologically understandable, but it has literally nothing to do with Christianity, or the ethical tradition of Christian social engagement”

Later Michael Gerson, “. . . if you’re a leader, an evangelical leader, there’s something more at stake here. You’re discrediting a set of views that are really important. You’re associating your faith with bias and white grievance, and that is a very serious matter.”


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