And In Other News

You know how people say, “I’m between jobs”, well, I’m between vacations. Yesterday I returned from my Tour de France preparations held in an undisclosed location in a state that starts with the letter “O”. 346 miles with lots of climbing. Would’ve been more if not for winter conditions yesterday. Now I’m just waiting for the phone call from a team still looking for someone who can reach the podium in Paris.

And in thirty minutes the Good Wife and I are off to an undisclosed location in a country that starts with the letter “C”. Here’s hoping they let us in given our President’s sad and sick bluster of recent days.

Some miscellaneous thoughts from the road:

• It’s amazing that Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are walking the earth at the same time.

• To Dean who wrote thoughtfully about how to prep high schoolers for college. Initial thought. We need to reframe the question to how do we as elementary, middle school, high school teachers and egghead professors prepare students for life, not just the next stage of educational credentialing. Related thought. In a recent NYT essay about suicide the author said young people are way more anxious because they know way more is riding on their academic success or lack thereof. The author made it sound like young people’s fragile mental health is happening in a vacuum, but young people are simply responding to the cues set by their teachers, coaches, and most especially parents. We have to help young people worry less while preparing them for life.

• This week, if I eat like last week, I will gain about 15 lbs.

• Last week, during a mid-ride break, a 75 year old man wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat was helping at a food stop. I asked if he was happy with Trump. To which he replied, “Yes! He has exceeded my expectations. I was worried he was just a talker.” I don’t interact very regularly with real live Trumpeters.

• I wonder, what would people’s attitudes be towards the summit with NKorea if they had any inkling of how evil the Kim regime is?

• In a few hours, the Gal Pal and I will be gaining weight here. Don’t hate me because you ain’t me.

• Back Friday. Peace.



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