Proudly Unconcerned For The Common Good

On Friday I posted a picture of my empty YMCA weight room and asked if anybody wanted to workout.*

Since then, like a lot of people, I’ve educated myself on the necessity of “physical distancing”—a term some are suggesting in place of social distancing since we also need to be showing social solidarity.

Some astute people probably viewed that post the same way I’ve been thinking about pictures of acquaintances on Facebook bragging about eating out all weekend in different restaurants. Under normal conditions, I’m down with nonconformity, in large part, because I am a nonconformist. When it’s a victimless crime, if everyone is going left, I admit, I prefer right.

But this is different. This is people whose politics prompt them to say fuck public health “experts”; fuck science; fuck the media; fuck all the stupid, crybaby, scared liberals.

It’s one thing to pat yourselves on the backs because you’re “rebels” and you’re the only ones supporting local businesses, it’s another to take pictures of yourselves and advertise your selfish, anti-social disregard for other people’s health for everyone to see.

Like I did on Friday. A weekend makes a world of difference. We’re Italy and things will only get worse in part because of your restaurant going resistance. Not that you’ll even know or probably care, but I’ve quit following you on social media. I can’t take your brazen disregard for the Common Good.

*the Y is closing Monday

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