Coronavirus Paragraph to Ponder

A contributor to Vanguard’s Boglehead forum:

“I was laid off on Fri along with a group of colleagues by our newly hired CEO. A bunch of us – across different sites and disciplines – were asked to call in a number on a short notice. The call was a monologue by the CEO that if you’re on this call, your job is being terminated as of today. You’ll have email access until this evening if you want to send a goodbye email to colleagues. Now we will end this call. The call lasted 3 minutes. Last week in the town-hall we were assured our jobs are safe, and the company is going to make it through the tough times. They have had discussions with the investors, bankers and the board. It is supposed to be ’employment at will’, but also seems to be ‘lying at will’. Not being part of any insider clubs, I had to go by what I was told. Talked to two other colleagues that were let go – their first reaction without my prodding was management had lied to us.”

A church near us has an electronic marque. Today’s message, “Human kind. Be both.”

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