My New Job

Head of public relations at Harvard University. Apparently, I would be far better than whomever is in that position right now. Harvard’s endowment is $41,000,000,000; despite that, they just received $8m from the CARES Act Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund. And they’re keeping it.

Harvard said it would give all $8.6 million it received directly to students, despite being eligible to spend half that on its institutional costs related to the virus.

Thank you. That is truly going above and beyond.

Here’s the draft statement I’m working on for the press:

Dear America, $8m to us is like that nickel you found on the ground on this morning’s walk. Thank you for the offer, but we will pass, because we were absolutely loaded before the pandemic and we’ll be absolutely loaded afterwards. All the best, Harvard. #beatYale

Postscript: They’re giving it back. Who knew the humble blog had so much clout.

2 thoughts on “My New Job

  1. OMG! Who is the idiot that is making that decision for Harvard! Finally, something Republicans and Democrats can agree on. Puts a bad taste in my mouth. Ron, aren’t there colleges that may have to close their doors as a result of Covid-19, What happens when kids don’t want to return to school in the Fall because they don’t want to pay 50K in tuition for online classes?

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