The Bureau

Thanks to the Nation’s podcast, I discovered The Bureau, the best spy television series I’ve ever seen. If you liked The Americans, or you like spy novels, give it a go. The Nation’s television dude said it’s the one series professional spies say best depicts their work.

It’s French, with subtitles, and it focuses on France’s equivalent of the CIA and shifts regularly from their Paris base to North Africa and The Middle East.

It’s available on Sundance Now, which is a free app for now, well Season 1 (of 5) at least. I had to create a free 7-day trial account to move from Season 1 to 2. And I discovered there are promo codes to push that 7 days to 30, so don’t be surprised if I am speaking French by the end of June.

Last night, I binged watched the last three episodes of Season 2. And so I couldn’t get to sleep, you know, the “no screen time right before bed” rule and all.

I vow to do better, only one episode per day. Maybe.

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