Thursday Assorted Links

1. What happens to Powell’s Books when you can’t browse the aisles? Rethinking the books business.

“Do you have any advice you for someone considering opening an independent bookstore of their own right now? Don’t do it. Um, that’s not good advice. I don’t mean that. It is really a lovely line of work. My only advice is that it will always be challenging. You know, don’t get into the business thinking that if you sort of get a few things right in the beginning that then it will just work and I don’t have to think about it again. The work of book selling is always challenging. There’s always something new, whether it was the big box stores in the ’90s, and then Amazon and now this. There’s always something.”

2. Major landside destroys 8 homes in Northern Norway. Do not miss the embedded vid.

3. Falwell’s blackface tweet brings racial dissent to (anti)Liberty University.

“’It has become obvious to many that your heart is in politics more than Christian academia or ministry, so we would encourage you to leave the position of school president and pursue politics full time,’ said an open letter signed by 36 prominent African-American alumni, including several National Football League players. ‘Your statements hurt the ability of Liberty alumni to obtain jobs and have a voice in the culture. Having the school’s name on a résumé can be a liability to many of our graduates.’ The letter was turned into a petition on, signed by nearly 37,000 people as of Monday.”

4. The TikTok house wreaking havoc next door. More counter evidence for American exceptionalism.


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