Spin This

There is no country in the world where confirmed coronavirus cases are growing as rapidly as they are in Arizona, Florida, or South Carolina. Germany yesterday reported 298 new cases of COVID-19. The U.S. reported over 59,400 cases and 948 deaths.


5 thoughts on “Spin This

  1. Oh, Arizona (I guess I should say U.S.A). Not only is our air on fire, with temps to reach 116 this weekend, but stepping outside feels like that childhood game of Lava. But instead of just the ground being lava and you can easily jump from rock to rock, everything is lava, but instead of lava, it is COVID-19.
    But it is fine to open schools. My district plans to open for in-person learning August 17th.

      • Truly I love Arizona – the warmth, the desert landscape and all the colors and resilient plants and wildlife. When the desert flowers it is awe inspiring. I’m just not so much a fan of the summer heat and the red nature of the politics here. The Grand Canyon is so surreal, we visit there less then we should.

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