I Can See The Future

Sometimes I amaze myself.

In April 2016, before the tournament began, I picked a no-name European player to win the Masters, the first of professional golf’s annual four major championships.* When I was at a professional conference in Las Vegas in March I shoulda, coulda, woulda made some serious cash money if I had the courage of my conviction because Danny Willett shocked almost everyone with his win.

Last Saturday night I picked Collin Morikawa to win the first major championship of 2020, the PGA at Harding Park in San Fransisco. At the time, Morikawa was in a 7 person tie for the lead, so not quite as impressive. The youngest of the seven, he shot 64 and won by 2.

All of which prompted this text from a friend:

Screen Shot 2020-08-11 at 5.10.37 PM.png

Now for better or worse, I feel like a shorter, whiter Steph Curry Devin Booker crossing the half-court line. I know I can jack it up from anywhere and hit nothing but net. So to save you lots of time and nervous energy, I’m calling Biden-Harris the winners in the 2020 Presidential Election. I’d also like to predict one of the November 4th headlines, but a FiveThirtyEight podcast I just listened to convinced me that a clear outcome is likely to take all of November. I’ll predict this though. Whenever Biden-Harris’s victory is official, some headline writers will refer to a “new dawn in America”.

Which will be pretty damn funny given the fact the President-elect will be 78 years old.


* Watched Willet in a few tournaments in the preceding months. He was playing great golf, even won, but more importantly, his body language conveyed supreme confidence, as in, “No one can touch me.” I took a flyer on that continuing. Golf is a cruel mistress though, 39th in the world, he’s grinding to regain some of that magic. Bonus prediction—President Biden will play considerably less golf than Trump.

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