Saturday Required Reading

  1. Exercise May Boost Your Vaccine Response. Not exactly groundbreaking, still, I should prob start working out.
  2. I Don’t Know If My Relationship Will Survive The Pandemic. “Forced to live in close quarters without access to any outside support or reprieve, overwhelmed by the additional parenting responsibilities and unable to access any kind of affordable child care, we were fighting more and understanding each other less.” Whew, I have nothing but empathy for the people Campoamor writes about.
  3. Jerry Falwell Jr.’s Departure Brings Relief on Liberty University’s Campus. “We almost had a monarchy, but you don’t see that at any other university, where presidents are chosen based on their skills and abilities,” said Tavia Bruxellas, a senior who is president of the student government Senate. “Everybody just sees Liberty as this big Republican university, and students are really tired of that.” Here’s hoping the country is sufficiently anti-monarchy in two months time.
  4. University of Pittsburgh announces required course on racism for incoming students. “It’s forcing you to rethink your own habits and your own behavior, the things you’ve come to view as normal,” said Ottley, a neuroscience major. “Students take history classes; they take culture classes. That doesn’t always mean they’re looking at how colonialism affected you, how history has transcended and repeated itself.” I would humbly suggest the requisite introspection content like this requires can’t be forced. I even wonder if requiring the course may detract from it’s potential positive effect. The greater curricular challenge is to design the course so that its value is self-evident to a vast majority of students and they want to enroll in it.
  5. Teacher turns desks with shields into tiny trucks to make first graders comfortable with social distancing.
  6. Why There Are So Few Moderate Republicans Left. And Democrats. Doesn’t bode well for our future.

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