The World Needs More Beau Miles

I was mountain biking in Sunriver, Oregon once on a treacherous, hella rocky, single track trail. When lo and behold, I went head over handlebars over a similarly big ass rock. I wish I could say it had been dark. 

Funny thing though, my “friend” that I was with, who has a place in Sunriver and visits there every few months, never returned to dig it out. 

Forget the world needing more Beau Miles, I need more Beau Miles.

Vid assist—SMW. 

2 thoughts on “The World Needs More Beau Miles

  1. As the “friend” I did give you a tissue for your bloody nose, I did take your photo, and I did send you a photo of the rocks a few months ago. It’s not like there was one rock the in the Beau Miles vid—it was a large outcropping! Be happy with the photo!

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