Meritocratic Math

IF one believes all people are created equal and that men and women of all ethnicities are similarly smart, skilled, and hardworking and IF there’s genuine equality of opportunity for all people, we can assume some things. Mathematically. 

The Supreme Court should have 4 or 5 women on it. A school’s “Advanced Placement” or college prep tracks should consist of the same proportion of students of color as the student body more generally. Thirteen to fourteen percent of Congress should be African-American.

Forty percent of professional football players are African-American. IF we believe African-American coaching candidates are as smart, skilled, and hardworking as any other subgroup, and IF there’s genuine equality of opportunity in National Football League hiring practices, a similar proportion of the coaches should be African-American. 30-50%, all the time.

Right now however, 1 of 32 of the NFL’s coaches are African-American. And zero owners. If all of my “ifs” hold, it’s easy to understand exactly why Brian Flores is so angry.

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