You May Have Noticed

That I pressed pause two weeks ago. It wasn’t a planned break. I always try to be observant and to listen before “speaking”. Recently, I just haven’t felt any need to speak. I am fine, just contentedly observing and listening.

And against all odds, the humble blog’s regular readers continue to flourish.

2 thoughts on “You May Have Noticed

  1. Ron, I figured you were off to The Masters. When is The Masters this year? Think Tiger will play? I am now playing pickleball once a week, as are many geezers. I didn’t thnk I was old enough, but I have enjoyed it (about five weeks in). Meanwhile, the geezer hoop game goes on, twice a week, with an age range from about 40 to 81 (at 77 I am the second oldest). —Richie

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    • I expect way more sports literacy from a jock of your stature. Dammit, those are the type of questions the wife asks. The second major of the year, the PGA Championship, is next week at Southern Hills in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I hope there’s nothing in that name that offends you.

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