Land of The Free, Home of The Gullible

Before the Former Guy, I had a friend who thought all the (dis)United States needed was a successful businessman to straighten everything out. Not a businesswoman, a businessman who had taken risks, created jobs, and balanced budgets.

And when the Former Guy materialized, this friend was convinced our capitalist savior had arrived. And he wasn’t alone. Large swaths of the country believed the Former Guy was a successful businessman.

But his tax returns show tens of millions of dollars of business losses over several years. I’ll give the Former Guy this, he’s been incredibly consistent. All of his businesses have failed. That will probably change with the Trading Cards though.

Based on what’s been made public this week, in the last 5-7 years, the only times the Former Guy has reported any income were years when he received payouts from his dad’s estate. . . over twenty years after his death. The Former Guy is the quintessential nepo baby.

I’m not sure which is more disheartening. The number of people who can’t accept that the Former Guy is a disastrous businessman; the extra taxes hard working, law-abiding Americans have had to pay to make up for the Former Guy’s (alleged) fraud; or the Internal Revenue Service being afraid to audit him.

Tie goes to the losers.

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