The Difference Between the (dis)United States and South Korea

Like the (dis)United States, South Korea is in the midst of a loneliness epidemic. Japan too.

From CNN:

“Some South Korean youth are so cut off from the world, the government is offering to pay them to ‘re-enter society.’

The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family announced this week that it will provide up to 650,000 Korean won (about $500) per month to isolated social recluses, in a bid to support their ‘psychological and emotional stability and healthy growth.’

About 3.1% of Koreans aged 19 to 39 are ‘reclusive lonely young people,’ defined as living in a ‘limited space, in a state of being disconnected from the outside for more than a certain period of time, and have noticeable difficulty in living a normal life,’ according to the ministry’s report, citing the Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs.”

And yet. . .

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