2012 London Games

Dear International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge:

Congrats on a successful Olympics.  Like most everyone, I enjoyed watching them.  I’m writing to offer my services for making the 2012 marathon an even more interesting event for spectators watching on television around the world.  

The problem with conventional marathon coverage is there’s no frame of reference for viewers to truly appreciate how fast the men and women are running. When the men reel off 4:45 mile after mile it only looks kinda fast.  

If you can find it within your budget to pay my expenses I’m willing to come run a part of the marathon at my normal 7:45 per mile pace. I will wear a white t-shirt with 7:45 on the front and back in large black block letters. I have several friends, some slower, some faster, who are willing to give up a week of their summer to provide this service as well.  

My idea is to sprinkle recreational runners throughout the course so that viewers have a frame of reference for how fast the pace is.  When the lead pack passes me running 3 minutes per mile faster, I will spin like a top, which viewers, no doubt, will get a kick out of.

I don’t need to stay in the athlete’s village, any five-star hotel will suffice.  And I doubt that you’re aware of this, but flying coach is getting more and more challenging.  Oh and I’m hoping to play the Old Course at St. Andrews sometime during the week.

Looking forward to hearing from you.



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