Fitness Friday-7/17


7/6 M T W R F SA SU Total
S     2,800         2,800 √-
C             17 (rain) 17 √-

6.3 47+


6.3 46:23Yak 6.3 52Pasco 6.3 48:30Pasco   10.3 1:19+   35.5 √+


Light week because I was making the big bucks as an itinerant teacher educator last Monday through Thursday in warm, sunny, eastern WA.

S. A student turned me on to a aging, outdoor 50m pool in Pasco. Hour lap swim, $1. No lane lines and a serious side current in the middle made it feel like an open water swim. Also had to keep looking forward to avoid a head on collision. I was planning to make up yardage Friday through Sunday, but wasn’t feeling 100% and haven’t been terribly motivated to swim lately.

C. Same thing applies to the bike. Plan was to make up some ground Friday through Sunday, but procrastinated until Sunday when the weather turned nasty. I just read an Outside Magazine article on Armstrong. He talked about the terrible weather during his most critical training period back in the day in Boone, NC. He said the weather was awful, “but we nutted up and rode.” I failed to “nut up” on Sunday when the skies opened up. I was more Sarah Palin than Lance Pharmstrong, I mean Armstrong.

R. No bike, no pool, but one always has running shoes. Good four day stretch that made Saturday’s 10+ miler easier than normal. Cooled down in Ward Lake.

Next week I’m home and not busy, then back over the mountains.

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