World Cup Notes

• I’m a casual football fan who shamelessly jumps on the World Cup bandwagon every four years. I am not a connoisseur, but after watching it in slow motion a few times, that disallowed goal at the end of U.S. v Slovenia was a terrible, terrible call. But the one thing I dislike more than missed calls, is people who complain about poor officiating. I didn’t see the first 67 minutes. There may have been blown calls that benefited the U.S. Human error is part of the game, deal with it. So, terrible call and points off for me for dwelling on it.

• Why do women always feel sorry for whomever is behind? After the second tying U.S. goal. “Oh no, it looks like the Slovenian fans are crying.” Note to self: teach daughters that whenever you have your foot on your opponent’s throat apply PRESSURE.

• Notice the coaches down jackets? Nice that there’s somewhere colder than Olympia, WA. Of course it is late Autumn in South Africa. It hasn’t reached 75 in this area yet this year. The previous “latest 75 degree” date was June 9th. The high temp on the 10 day forecast. . . 68. High 50’s this weekend. Apparently, summer has been cancelled. Is Rush Limbaugh right, is global warming a crock?

• Why do people complain about things they can’t change? Like the weather.

2 thoughts on “World Cup Notes

  1. No summer this year in the pacific northwest. Lived there for 20 years, and it was great in the 80’s and early 90’s, has been getting wetter and colder for some time now.

    But SERIOUSLY “Bandwagon Man”, yes there may have been calls that benefited the US, but they didn’t give or take away a GOAL. Some are more important than others and it was a disgusting display of ineptitude (or worse) from the ref today.

  2. I think there a two types of blown calls: human errors and incompetency/ignorance. A good sample for a honest human error was the ref that recently botched the perfect game (don’t remember which one as I don’t care for baseball). The guy had no intention of screwing someone, he just missed it and felt bad about it. I have no problem with that. It just happens. To him, you and me.
    On the other hand the ref in the Germany : Serbia game was blatantly giving yellow cards for ordinary fouls. I actually have no problem with that if the FIFA decides that this is how it should be, but with the way the rules currently are the ref destroyed the game for Germany as he just called it by his own rules. Creating an uneven playing field is the worst that can happen in sport. Games should be decided by the performance of the players that step on the field and by nothing else. Except human errors, because they can happen.

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