Headline Doubletake

I don’t care how it ends, this is a headline you never expect to read—Pope Lashes Out At . . . .

Here are some other improbables.

• Kim Jong-il Apologizes For . . .

• Armstrongs’ Teammates Report He Stubbornly Resisted PEDs

• Mugabe Apologizes For. . .

• Third Cloudless Day in Seattle Area

• Hugo Chavez to Privatize . . .

• Obama Breaks 80

• BP CEO Will Sell Yacht and Give Proceeds to Gulf Residents

• Congress Reaches Consensus On Tax and Spending Bill

• Young Hollywood Star To Enter Seminary

• Tiger Woods Desperately Wants on 2010 Ryder Cup Team

1 thought on “Headline Doubletake

  1. I’ve got a few more for ya…

    -Trapped drunk driver opens another beer while awaiting rescue…
    -Sex banned on International Space Station

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