Physical Intimacy

Three hundred plus posts in I’m sufficiently warmed up to take on the taboo. Well, in a half-ass, “what if my daughters stumble upon this” kinda way.

Heard a report on Seattle’s NPR station recently that said the average adult in the U.S. has sex 85x/year. Previously, I had heard or read it was 2x/week, so I guess people are less intimate than previously. Washington Staters are lagging at 72x/year, mostly because of the guys I run with, but we lead the nation in outdoors sex. I can’t think of any other factoid that has done more for my self esteem. Makes sense, moderate summer temps, no bugs, and we love our mother earth.

I got very excited recently when I saw a rubber cord tied to the headboard. Turns out it was for physical therapy purposes only.

You’ll recall a while ago that I learned any self respecting blogger is supposed to be helpful to readers, mostly via sporadic, specific advice. So here goes.

Maintain the spark by maintaining an edge. Por exemplar, when the galpal saw this picture of me giving it to the man by breaking the speed limit, she took me by the hand and suggested we go outside.

Blurry because of the extraordinary speed

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