Jacking Around

From the Associated Press:

Jack Nicklaus is trying something new to get more people to play golf. He is holding events at his Muirfield Village Golf Club in which the cup will be twice as large and the tournaments only will be 12 holes.

Nicklaus is concerned that fewer people are playing golf. He says it’s important to think beyond the traditional rules and try something different to make the game more appealing.

That would be THE Jack Nicklaus I idolized growing up, making his “make it two-thirds as long and far easier” logic all the more painful to process.

When marathon participation someday drops off, race officials will no doubt make marathon running more appealing by Jacking it, making it a gradual downhill 17.5 mile “fun run”.

We should probably Jack the 500 free in high school swimming too. The new more appealing “335 yard free” will be even more popular now that participants can wear fins.

And paying taxes shouldn’t be such an onerous task. Let’s Jack them. Just do your best to pay two-thirds of what you would normally owe and try to do it by June 15th if at all possible.

Time we Jack the fence at Safeco and move it in a third of the way. At least when the M’s are at bat. Offense is appealing. Similarly, let’s increase the size of soccer goals by a third. On fire now. I’m going to Jack the house-cleaning, the yard work, and my exposure to Tea-Partiers.

Obviously we have a lot of work to do making things more appealing, but at least now, thanks to the Golden Bear, we have a model. What do you say, let’s start Jacking around.

2 thoughts on “Jacking Around

  1. Change does not come easy. Some change is needed while other changes are unnecessary. But the mere fact that we’ve become accustomed to something doesn’t necessarily mean change is bad.

    Personally I’m not a big golf fan. Don’t mind playing but would never consider watching a match of any stature on TV. BORING.

    Why is 18 holes necessary in golf? What was the rationale at the time that criteria was established and how is the game significantly altered by subtracting 6 holes? When I do play golf I am usually wearing down by the twelfth hole and thus the excitement of the game begins to wane and I look forward to ending my lack of enthusiasm as soon as possible. But that’s me.

    Back to the point however. Not all change is bad and making meaningless comparisons attempting to show why a specific change might be beneficial serves no real purpose. In swimming and track there are apparently more than one distance that swimmers and runners compete in. Those that can’t endure the longer laps have the option to forego them and compete in the shorter ones.

    Clearly paying income taxes is a legal obligation and not a voluntary action though there are those that are able to manipulate the system where they not only don’t pay 2/3 of what the standard is but are able to not pay any and may in fact get a refund.

    I empathize with your concern for the traditions of golf Ron and it wouldn’t change my view of golf one way or the other if it was shortened to twelve holes are stayed the same at 18. I also don’t favor change merely for the sake of change in some categories.

    For the sake of encouraging a larger viewing audience there may be some benefit in lowering the number of holes in tournaments. But for those who want to play the game and think 18 holes is too long, there’s nothing preventing from playing only the front nine and perhaps setting some standard for this length of play where players can still match their scores and establish handicaps with like minded players.

    For the record though, I think most people will display your feelings about change here simply because we are creatures of habit and have become comfortable with our traditions.

    • Thanks Larry for taking the time for the lengthy reply. After two tongue-in-cheek posts in a row (I love everyone of the women I’m surrounded by and wouldn’t change my situation for anything), and now this one, I did wonder if my sarcasm is sometimes difficult to detect, in which case the posts don’t work as well. Maybe I should use italics or some other formatting device when writing half (or less) seriously. Jack’s modifications probably will grow the game, but I’m fine with it being less popular so that I can play faster. Last 18 hole round for the record, 2:58. Selfish? Definitely. Of course Jack wants to grow it because he stands to gain financially which I understand. I’m not opposed to change in general, I just like watching professional golf on t.v. (realize I’m in the distinct minority there) and thinking I conceivably could have made par on that same 190 yard par 4 with the 4″ hole because I just hit 3 iron and did it at my local muni. Irrationally, I pretend I could be on tour if I could just eliminate my seven or eight bad swings a round (and hit it about 50 yards further). :) The difficulty of 4 inch cups is what makes the game appealing to me. I don’t want it to be any easier. There’s already a device for making it easier, different tees that shorten the course. And you’re right too, anyone can choose to play nine holes anytime. Here’s another analogy. The NBA. There’s talk of raising the hoop and widening the court a bit. Imagine Jordan coming out and saying, no, the game will appeal to more people if we lower it to 9′, leave the court dimensions alone, and double the size of the rim. IF someone wants to grow the game, there have to be other strategies besides dumbing it down.

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