On-line Learning At Its Best

October 15, 2011. Seattle Craigslist ad.

I need help with online class.

I am taking online classes. I need somebody to help me do it. This is my first online class i feel a little bit overwhelmed. First class is American Government and second one US History. What you need to do? American Government: every week i get assignment from teacher you need to read chapter (book will be provided) answer the questions, write your thoughts, participate in chat discussions at least two times a week and do quiz. Quiz has about 30 questions time is limited 25 min. You have to be prepared. In the end of quarter you have to be abel to pass final exam. US History you just need to read whatever will be provided every week, participate in chat discussion about 2 to 4 times , four times a quarter lead particular discussion. There will be two final exam you will need to pass it in December.
All classes will be done by December 21i guess. And then new quarter will be started.
Please write me a little bit about yourself. I need to know if you are currently in collage or not. If you have or had taken similar classes online. You have to have computer, internet and be confident to pass those classes. Pay will be discussed in person.
Start right away !
Here’s a draft of what I thought I might write the ad writer:
I am not currently in collage; however, I was once. It was in collage that I learn to use semi-colons. After collage i taught American Government and US History so i can be prepared to answer 30 questions in 25 min. Thank you for providing book. I promise to pass the two final exam in December. I am a little nervous about leading four particular discussion, but will work through it. I have computer and internet and I like labradoodles and long walks on the beach. Pay is not important, just helping someone feeling a little bit overwhelmed enough. Ready to start!
And there’s this too.

One thought on “On-line Learning At Its Best

  1. This post is exceedingly well-done-DJ’s and S’s mom was a “teacher” for two different online high schools for a few years and the quality of the education she saw being delivered drove her to pursue another master’s with the comment “I can no longer deal with juniors and seniors in high school who have absolutely no clue about their language, their writing and their chances for success.” She is now head of academic counseling for Columbus State University so it all worked out for her. I wish these poor “children” the best of luck but, from my viewpoint, their chances of becoming contributing members of society is virtually non-existent.

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