• One wonders. Is the recent uptick in readers explained by my heroic cycling exploits in the Eastern Sierras or is it just the inevitable effect of especially brilliant content (remember, italics denotes sarcasm) or was it the off-the-cuff decision to attach a racy snowboard picture to the “Educational Slowdown” post from a few weeks ago? Whatever. Welcome new readers.

• I’ve updated the front page by deleting the “About This Blog” tab. The little bit of text from that tab is now apart of the “First Time Here?” tab. I also condensed and updated the list of most popular posts. New and improved so please share away.

• I could use the help of regular readers. For the first time in awhile, I’ve worked through my queue of post topics/ideas and new ideas aren’t flowing as much as they might. Therefore, I’m wondering, what would you like me to write more about? Thanks in advance for any ideas, links to articles of interest, or questions you’d like to see me bat around. Absent much input, I’ll probably switch to posting twice weekly.

• I may be switching to a different template sometime soon. I want to add copyright protection and I need to switch from to a template to do so. I’m leaning towards “Linen”, but if you have a favorite template you think I should consider, hollah.

Thanks, as always, for reading.

2 thoughts on “Administrivia

  1. Well, I don’t have a family. (Of my own. Obviously I come from somewhere! haha)

    And I live in an apartment in a college city, so…no real community to speak of…unless you count angry neighbors downstairs that get upset over the excess water dripping from the plants on my balcony to their heads…

    But I am in school! So, I have a little bit of input relevant to your blog. I think, unless I’m totally misunderstanding the concept. Which is more than possible.

  2. Your educational back ground and love of sports are more than enough subject matter to write on Ron, though I know the well does run dry every now and then. Nothing above and beyond that comes to mind for me just now but I’ll roll that thought around in my mental chamber and see if I can’t make some suggestions for you in the near future.

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