Best of March 2013

Heavy on sports this month. Makes sense since this is the High Holy season for Christians and sports fans.

Person—Cyrus Habib. From my local paper, The Daily Olympian.

At just 31 years old, state Rep. Cyrus Habib has mastered skills to bypass the limitations of his disability, and that has allowed him to trace a remarkable life trajectory. At age 8, he completely lost his eyesight to cancer but nonetheless went on to become a black belt in karate, a jazz pianist, a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, an editor of the law review at Yale and an attorney at a prestigious Seattle-based firm. Now he’s Washington state’s first blind lawmaker in decades, and his life story is in many ways reflected in the policies he’s now championing.

Unappreciated danger.


Social scientific finding. The charity gap.


Music vid.

Athletic event.


Pre cruises to victory at the Pac-8 meet

Pre cruises to victory at the 1973 Pac-8 meet

5 thoughts on “Best of March 2013

  1. God help us if Toyota is successful in making their Sienna a “cool” set of wheels for the new parent generation. I suspect people will look back at this in about 10 years and laugh their arse off.

    This subtle attempt to get the hip-hop generation to think the family van is chic is typical of a culture where marketing schemes tend to define who we are as a people.

    • My family gave me similar grief for advertising on Toyota’s behalf. But I’ll get the last laugh when Toyota comps me a Sienna for the mad exposure, I sell it, and buy a pre-owned Porsche.

      • You may be right. Toyota has had their share of bad publicity lately that they may be willing to sponsor anyone who shows them a favorable light these days. But I suspect if you cash in on this at all it will likely amount only enough for a one-night rental of a Porsche. :-(

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