If You Think Education Reform is Difficult in the United States

Get a load of Mexico. Paragraph to ponder:

Supporters of the education overhaul say it is the only way for the Mexican state to recover control of the education system, which they say has been virtually taken over by the teachers unions. The unions hand out teaching positions, often disregarding competence, and these positions are then often inherited or even sold to the highest bidder. The unions have defended the practice of transferring positions as legal.

Here’s better news from The Atlantic. Mexico is Getting Better, and Fewer Mexicans Want to Leave.

And today’s Mexican culture update. Two Pop Stars Try to Revive Mexico’s Good Old Days, in Song at Least.

And a great vid from Julieta Venegas, Me Voy. No comprende, pero me gusto.

2 thoughts on “If You Think Education Reform is Difficult in the United States

  1. I could be wrong but I suspect the Wall Street Journal, a property that now belongs to Rupert Murdoch’s empire, might be a wee bit biased towards teachers union. Anything “union” rubs this conservative tabloid wrong.

    What’s your take on that Ron?

    • Skepticism is definitely in order Larry, especially when there’s no specific source. At the same time, they publish corrections when proven wrong. So I guess we can take a wait and see approach. In the meantime, I’ll guess I’ll give Ruper’s minions the benefit of the doubt.

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