On Blogging—Eight Years and 978 Posts In

By conventional measures, meaning numbers of daily eyeballs, I have not succeeded as a blogger. Here’s why:

• An uninspiring template or graphic interface. I lack the technical chops to improve it and don’t know who might help.

• People seek out blogs that help them with something rather specific—improving their finances, buying personal sports technology, understanding economics and finding other people interested in it. In contrast, I shift topics too much and only occasionally offer any real help. My sporadic helpful posts are my most widely read, which brings me to the crucial third point.

• Pre-PressingPause, I remember talking to a writer friend who has written two very well received books. I told him I’d really enjoy writing a newspaper column. Smiling, he said careful what you ask for, that producing solid content twice a week is way more difficult than people realize. Now I get it. When I look at my most widely read 20+ posts, I realize most of the time I was agitated about something. Typically, the more irritated I am by something, the better. And therein lies the challenge, the older I get, and the more comfortable my life becomes as a result of mounting privilege, the less fired up I am about things. Case in point. Yesterday. Sunday. What irritated me? The people at church who over pass the peace. You know who you are. You’re the person who has to leave the pew and greet damn near everyone in the building with an affectionate hug. That’s not how God intended the peace to be passed. A few handshakes with the peeps to the right and left, front and back. There’s no biblical justification for the irrationally exuberant wandering. That has the makings of a great post doesn’t it? Not.

I will continue because it’s a way for me to connect with other people I know and like, but I’m feeling a need to mix it up. Not sure how yet. You can help by irritating me.

17 thoughts on “On Blogging—Eight Years and 978 Posts In

  1. For me it has always been about laying my thoughts out there in a coordinated, fact-based fashion. While tumbling around in my brain these thoughts serve me very little. But once put there where I can see them and understand them, then their meaning is rewarding for me, gives me a sense of accomplishment. The fact that I have visitors who appreciate these thoughts merely enhances that feeling of reward.

    I suspect that beneath it all this is essentially why you blog too Ron

  2. In the wake of the Feast of St. Francis, may this words be true of you and this blog:
    “May God bless you with discomfort,
    At easy answers, half-truths,
    And superficial relationships
    So that you may live
    Deep within your heart.”
    Don’t let those over-passers-of-the-peace get you down. Stay grumpy and keep on blogging.

    • I was thinking of you while writing that pgraph! “Oh man, Steve is going to let me have it.” And then, grace and goodwill. Thanks brother for accepting all of me, including my grumpiness.


  3. While I don’t know you hardly at all, having taken one class from you over a year ago, I can only speculate that the notion of Donald Trump becoming our next president may help to irritate you (and if not, it really should).

    I like your wordage, there is something different about it but I can’t quite put my finger on it, and your dry humor. Your post – quite a while ago – over your irritation regarding motorists and their lack of awareness regarding bicyclists was hilarious. I read a wide smattering of blogs. I don’t read them to learn anything in particular, per se, but more to connect with and enjoy a variety of human spirits.

    • Thanks for the kind words NM and sharing your thoughts on what makes blogging worthwhile. I don’t know where you find the time to maintain such a great blog. Btw, I did write on Trump a few weeks ago. I still think it’s a bad dream that I’m going to wake up from at any moment.


      • I’m not sure one can call it maintaining, as my blogging frequency has dwindled to a few times a month, and I rarely have time to read all the blogs I follow (your Trump post being a case in point – oops, I will have to find and read that one), but thank you. I have been blogging for a little over 4 years and have written about 450 posts. I love it and wish I had more time to devote to it.

  4. I so agree with you on the passing the peace thing. The thing that irritates me in church is folks who wear too much perfume. It is a big time trigger for my allergies.

  5. I also read your blog. Ron, you’re a solid 10 but keep at it and don’t let yourself slip. I’d hate to see you settle for being an 8 when I know you have more potential. When I’m elected President, I’m going to need smart people like you to make America great again. I don’t know what the “passing of the peace” thing is all about but it sounds like something I’m also against too.

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