Thankfulness is a Mindset

Not just the point of the bestest holiday of all. I give thanks for my health. The world’s greatest physical therapist, Pamela Johnson, correctly diagnosed my chronic calf pain early in the calendar year and prescribed a series of exercises designed to strengthen my hips. Now that my calves correctly offload all the pounding to my new and improved hips, I extended my 1,000 miles/year streak to 17 or 18 on November 12th. My utter lack of speed has never been more apparent, but thanks to newfound “proximal stability,” the endurance is back, and I feel great*.

Speaking of running, a scientific poll conducted on this morning’s run revealed greater sadness surrounding Florence’s death than Fidel’s. Check this if you’re curious about the probable path of Cuba’s economy.

I give thanks for my wife’s and daughters’ health and that my in-laws live about 990 miles closer than a few months ago.

I give thanks for a pantry full of food and drink, the ever changing beauty of Budd Inlet, flannel sheets, and the comforter my in-laws just tossed my way. “My” comforter because the Good Wife has her own convoluted system of layers.

I give thanks for friends who run even if it’s cold, dark, and raining.

I give thanks for the labradude’s continuing playfulness despite nearing the end of his life.

I give thanks that UCLA basketball is rolling.

I give thanks that somehow I installed the new wiper blades correctly.

I give thanks that the daughters will be home in three weeks.

I give thanks for all the readers of the humble blog.

*Steph Curry also lacked proximal stability during his first few years in the Association. And missed a fair number of games as a result of chronic ankle pain. So, look for marked improvements to my playing time and three point shooting percentage in 2017.

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