The Public Bathroom Battleground

While everyone debates whether and how to make them gender neutral out of respect to transgendered people, an even more insidious issue goes completely unreported.

The scourge that is open-door bathrooms in high traffic public buildings! Exhibit A, right inside the door of the Briggs YMCA in Olympia, WA. Exhibit B, at Martin Village Theater in Lacey, WA. These are open door bathrooms where you hear everything in the immediate vicinity and you have to choose the most distant commode or risk being seen doing your bidness.

I understand not wanting homeless people camping out, and security issues and all, but how on earth am I supposed to relax my bladder enough when I FEEL like I’m participating in your damn conversation?! And when I’m worried you might be trying to catch a peak.

When will sound dampening, closed doors, and some modicum of privacy return to public bathrooms? When will the madness stop?

2 thoughts on “The Public Bathroom Battleground

  1. I think this started in high schools, where authorities thought that, by taking doors off of bathrooms, they could monitor teenager behavior. So, the kids took their cigarettes and drugs elsewhere, but the open doors stayed!

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