The Smartest Guy in the Locker Room

Princeton’s freshman quarterback, the 193rd ranked recruit in the country, Brevin White.

When asked why he passed on scholarship offers to Power 5 schools, including Arizona State, Oregon State, Tennessee and Utah, he said, “I want to have a roommate that’s smarter than me.

The WSJ tells White’s story here. In short, he wants a career in the NFL and on Wall Street. He’s watched an increasing number of Ivy players find their way to the NFL and is confident he can do it too.

What a great quote. The irony is, by saying he wants a roommate that’s smarter than him, he’s instantly the smartest guy in the dorm and locker room.

My dad always told me to get better at tennis, hit with people better than you. The same principle, surround yourself by people more knowledgeable and/or skilled, applies to any context in which a person is striving for self-improvement.

To what degree are you surrounded by smarter, more skilled people?download.jpg



2 thoughts on “The Smartest Guy in the Locker Room

  1. Brilliant idea – I had the good fortune of knowing your dad – Brilliant man – Do you have any suggestions on how to surround oneself with “smarter people than oneself” if oneself happens to live in Marion, Ohio?

  2. Sometimes they’re right in front of you and you don’t know it. For example, we have two neighbors, Deb and Sonja, who started out as Vets. Now, Sonja works as a field biologist for the state and as a subsistence farmer and Deb is her farming partner. Deb also taught herself taxes by volunteering to help people prepare their returns and then signed on with H & R Block who she works for January-April. I dig learning about about plants, chickens, and other farm stuff from them. They really know their stuff, and of course, I’m starting from complete scratch. Another strategy is one you already utilize regularly–extend your circle well beyond Marion by reading.

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