Males Last Bastion—Economics

Last week, after reading Tyler Cowen’s predictions of which men might win the Nobel Prize in economic science, I wondered why do males so dominate economics when females are steadily pulling away from males in educational attainment? Why do female economists find the upper echelon’s of the field so elusive? More specifically, where is the female half of Nobel Prize winners in economic science?

Increasingly, economics is applied math. I do not believe men are better than women at math. For me, if there’s some kind of proof of that contention, it simply begs more questions, particularly, why are men (allegedly) better than women at math. I suspect there are differences between men’s and women’s brains, but I don’t believe for a second that the part of men’s brains that do math is somehow superior to that part of women’s.

I suspect the All Star economist gender discrepancy lies in the male dominated cultures that typify elite economics graduate schools. For now, male privilege perpetuates itself in the top doctoral programs.

Here’s Cowen’s interesting summary of the winner’s work.


2 thoughts on “Males Last Bastion—Economics

  1. Interesting Ron. Mmy husband taught k-8 math methods to students, mostly females, who in general found math their lest florid subject. Many chose to teach elementary solely because of their upper level math phobia. I am wondering whether several years of exposure to females giving unintended cues has an impact? It is not exclusive to females though, as my grandaughters 45th grade teacher regularly rewards the class with a movie during math time, which drives grandma crazy.

  2. A new theory came to me during a moment of clarity on this morning’s run. Maybe female academics, knowing just how fragile male’s egos are, have a secret pact to let males maintain their stranglehold on one final academic discipline. Yours is the more kind and savvy gender.

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