Who Is This?

A conservative friend of mine, let’s call him Domingo Montoya, is determined to recast himself as a Centrist. I’ll stifle my chuckles and give him more credit when he parts with his Reagan-Bush and Bush-Cheney t-shirts. I know, I know, I should encourage his personal transformation; instead, I derisively call him a faux-centrist.

Recently, I was surprised to learn that someone I had pegged as a classic liberal is in fact a centrist. If you follow American politics, you know him, and no, it’s not Kasich.

“X has said the he follows the ‘canoe theory’ of politics: ‘You paddle a little on the left and a little on the right, and you paddle a straight course.'”

“X. . . sees danger in the growing discord between Democrats and Republicans. ‘The last time we had that, we had the Civil War,’ he said.”

“. . . X’s opposition to Trump is somewhat different. On occasion, he drops some ‘rhetorical bombs,’ as he has called them, but he prefers a measured, pragmatic approach. X rejects the idea that a state can offer sanctuary from the federal government, and he does not like to talk about ‘the Resistance,’ either.”

“If, as now seems possible, Democrats dominate the 2018 and 2020 elections, and they end up governing as unilaterally as the Republicans have, X fears that ‘a cycle will be created, in which one side pushes as far as it can until it’s thrown out, then the next one does it, and then it will happen again.’ He compared it to a car ‘fishtailing’: ‘I was driving on the freeway, I don’t know how fast, and I almost missed the exit, and made a hard right onto the ramp. Luckily, I got control back. But it’s that kind of perturbation of a system. So,’ he resumed, ‘the Democrats get more extreme, the Republicans get more extreme, and you have an ungovernable America. And a stop-start, not-reliable superpower. Other people will have to react to that level of uncertainty, and that will not be positive for America’s role in the world. Therefore, it’s very important to take prudential steps to keep a stable society. I’ve always thought that’s important—to keep balance. Don’t push things too far, because it will unnerve people.”

Who is the mystery centrist? The answer is here.

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