Stop Already Mr. President

If I confess to being afraid, very afraid, will you quit with the inane immigrant invasion scare mongering?

Like most Demos, I’m afraid of lots of things:

  • I’m afraid that your weakening of fuel economy standards may contribute to accelerating climate change.
  • I’m afraid that your efforts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act may make low-income people and people with preexisting conditions more vulnerable.
  • I’m afraid that your support of the National Rifle Association may lead to more mass shootings.
  • I’m afraid that your administration’s dismantling of environmental protections may endanger the natural environment and people’s health.
  • I’m afraid that your tax policies may widen the rich-poor gap.
  • I’m afraid that your coarseness may detract young people from pursuing public service.
  • I’m afraid that your silence on why our demand for illegal drugs is so high may cause people to believe the problem lies exclusively with other countries.
  • I’m afraid that your total disregard for international relations may take years for future administrations to undo.
  • I’m afraid that parents will continue to doubt whether their children may live better, more secure lives than them, because your administration is doing little to combat our mental health crisis, rebuild our infrastructure, and strengthen public schooling.
  • I’m afraid that your use of the phrase “fake news” may weaken the First Amendment and dissuade people from discriminating between more and less credible news sources.
  • I’m afraid that Ruth Bader Ginsburg might die and Russia will get another Supreme Court nomination.

Those are just my Demo fears, I’m also afraid that UCLA basketball will never return to prominence and my bench press might plateau at 160 lbs. I know, I’m a sad, sick guy.

The point of all this? Forgive me if the fact that some desperate people sneak into our country to work jobs our citizens won’t, doesn’t scare me as much as it does you. As you can see, my fear quotient is already off-the-charts.


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