It Could Be Far Worse

The worst financial decision you ever made? When you watched real money permanently slip through your fingers?

Don’t sweat it. It could be worse. Far worse.

“The new filings show just how much Mr. Trump’s campaign paid to rent the arena itself: $537,705.44 in “facility rental” payments to the BOK Center. But that fee was just the start. The campaign paid nearly $1 million in “event staging” fees between June 16 and the end of the month to eight companies. It made another two payments totaling more than $426,000 to LMG for “audio visual services,” before and after the rally. And it paid $148,981.25 for “event supplies” to AW Medical Supplies.”

Thanks to the King of Bankruptcy for putting our worst financial decisions into perspective.

2 thoughts on “It Could Be Far Worse

  1. You mean he actually paid the bill? He’s stuffed so many other cities for facility rental and security costs I’m amazed he paid this bill.

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