‘Take America Back’

That was the message on the “TRUMP 2024” sign on Old Military Rd in Tenino, WA yesterday as I cycled by. Which got me thinking.

Who took America? When did they take it? Where did they take it? The Good Wife said the answer to the first question is “obviously liberals”. But I’m a liberal and I haven’t taken it anywhere. So some subset of liberals? Even then, there’s the other questions.

If you happen to find it, please report its whereabouts.

Sentence To Make Grown Men and Women Cry

The last one in this short/live update from Jonathon Swan in the NYT on Trump’s Tuesday night speech at Mar-a-Lago.

“One theme to watch in the speech is how Trump portrays the nature of his victimhood. His advisers and allies have explicitly referenced scripture and the fate of Jesus Christ — a play to rally evangelical voters. Trump’s campaign spokesman, Steven Cheung, on Monday tweeted out a picture of a Trump supporter by the roadside in Florida holding a large wooden cross. Mr. Cheung quoted Ephesians 5:2, implying that Trump was imitating Christ’s sacrificial love through his handling of his criminal indictment in the porn star hush money case.

Someone PLEASE tell me we’ve bottomed out.

Who Is Delivering The Republican’s Official Response To Biden’s State Of The Union Address?

Here are some clues:

“Yeah, yeah: She’s young, she’s a working mom, she’s the first female governor of Arkansas (where she’s not yet through her first month in office). All of that says fresh start.

But nothing else about her does, not if you have a memory and a moral code. She spent nearly two years as Trump’s press secretary, the central figure in excusing his outrages and laundering his lies. She spent much of her campaign for governor invoking his name, appearing with him, even sending money his way — for the catering of fund-raisers for her at Mar-a-Lago.

Trump was her cause and then Trump was her springboard, and that’s what’s so fascinating about where she is now and what she’s being asked to do. She’s supposed to carry Republicans beyond Trump when she so carefully carries Trump inside her. It’s ludicrous. It’s perfect. It’s what makes her such a fitting mascot for a party that won’t come clean about the compromises it has made, the values it has trashed and the madness it has abetted.”

If you’re still not sure.

On Congress

Glass empty. The faux representative of many names is providing endless comedic fodder, but his presence in the House is damaging its already declining reputation. Every rep’s credibility will be questioned a little or a lot more. Everyday he “serves”, people’s trust in the legislative process will erode further. Fairly or not, when it comes to our worst colleagues, we are often guilty by association.

Glass full. Keep an eye on MGP, a different kind of Demo.

“I don’t think that your traditional pedigreed Democrats are the solution to Trump extremism. I think that a lot of these traditional Democrats, the m.o. is to go into a community and start explaining shit. Nobody likes that. I’ve heard that so often: I’ll go to an urban community, and people will be like, ‘“’Oh, like this candidate was amazing. They are so smart.’ And then I’ll go to a rural community and talk to them about the same candidate. And they’ll say: ‘Yeah, they’re pedantic and they don’t understand. They didn’t listen to us.'”

Marie Gluesenkamp perez

Conservatives Are Way Tougher On Crime. . . LOL

That’s what they tell themselves when they look in the mirror. But whatever “toughness” they supposedly show is always, at best, situational. When the alleged perps are the downtrodden, most definitely. When they’re radical leftists, certainly.

But when it’s powerful people whose politics align with their own, they whine about “witch hunts” and “the Deep State” whatever the hell that is.

Watch Fox News tonight to see the Right’s reaction to today’s news. Not so tough after all.

Crimes Against The Written Word

You would think inciting a violent insurrection designed to overturn a fair and free election would disqualify one from running for office again.

And if not that, then calling for a shorter, more election conspiracy-friendly Constitution.

And if not that, the Former Guy’s capitalization and quotation errors seal the deal. In fact, they are enough by themselves to lock him up and throw away the keyboards.

David Frum On Trump and The Midterms

“The reckoning has been coming; now it’s a moment where the reckoning can’t be denied. Trump has been a very unsuccessful politician compared with other people in the party. He lost the popular vote in 2016, and he lost the House in 2018. He lost both the popular vote and the Electoral College in 2020. His interventions cost Republicans two Senate seats in 2021, and with them control of the U.S. Senate. Now you have the 2022 underperformance by Republicans. And yet, Republicans convinced themselves that this guy was a big winner. The reckoning was always waiting to happen, but now it’s unavoidable. There’s no escape.”

Full interview here.

Now Hiring

Tweet to ponder.

This is one of the Former Guy’s better ideas. We all lack self esteem and could use more positivity in our lives. In fact, I’m going to adopt this practice. So I’m now hiring. Since I’m not quite the public figure the Former Guy is, I will expect more direct positive reinforcement especially when on the golf course.

If you think you can say, “Great shot Ron, that tree had no business being there, the course architect is a sad (sick) person.” Or “Amazing round Ron, so much winning, the LIV Tour should sign you.” Then please apply. There’s no actual compensation, but being in my presence is priceless.