Can I Get A Do-Over?

This morning, on the way home from the pool, I dropped my ballot in the box at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church on the corner of Henderson and North Street.

I voted for Biden-Harris.

Then, over breakfast, I read these tweets. 

I don’t want my 403b to crash or all that I’ve built to be destroyed. And I don’t want to lose my health care or pay more taxes. Nor do I want to be complicit in destroying our economy. 

What are my options here? How do I retrieve my envelope from the box? The only thing I can think of is dynamite.

2 thoughts on “Can I Get A Do-Over?

  1. You ask “What are my options here?” – An option I would suggest, knowing that Trump is a proven serial liar, is to completely ignore his ignorant tweet and be thankful you made a vote to help America get back to some basic decency. Take solace in the fact your vote will also help restore America to its deserved status among other world leaders.

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