What My Critics Get Wrong

I refer to this as the “humble blog” because of the small readership. I routinely get proposals from search engine optimizers (presumably from India) who promise an increase in readership as a result of their coding prowess. But their pitches are impersonal and expensive, so you remain a part of a highly selective group of readers. 

Given that reality, I can’t afford to alienate any loyal readers, but that’s exactly what I did when I flippantly wrote that I wouldn’t be voting for Biden at age 82 in 2024. Check that, in hindsight, it wasn’t flippant, it was a semi-thought out point of view which of course anyone can disagree.

But one friend didn’t just disagree, he declared he was done with the humble blog. Who knew I was committing an unforgivable sin. Another very good friend somehow colluded with the first from across the country to ask if I’d vote for an assortment of especially revolting right-wing nut jobs if they ran against The Octogenarian.   

Since the infamous post first appeared, The Former Reader sent me a few text messages about “probably being too old” for this or that. For the record, he is 63 years young. Finally, a light bulb went off, he took it personally. Somehow, me not wanting an 86 year old President was saying his own expiration date was fast approaching. I wonder if the same is true for his Fellow Critic, who is two years the President’s junior.

That most certainly was not my intent. I would vote for both of my friends for President without hesitation. Here’s hoping someone shares that sentiment with The Former Reader.

The Former Reader’s and Fellow Critic’s doomsday electoral hypotheticals distract from the key question. Why the hell should any national political party have to settle for someone so elderly for one of the most difficult and important jobs in the world? Is there no man or woman as well qualified in their 40’s? What about their 50’s? 60’s? 70’s? An 82-86 year old Biden might do okay, and Fred Couples might win the Masters, but the odds are a lot better that Justin Thomas, Patrick Cantlay, Xander Schauffele, or Dustin Johnson is sporting the green jacket Sunday night. I probably won’t be voting for Biden in 2024, because I’ll be playing the odds.  

I do not expect this elaboration to have any salutary effect on my critics, known and unknown. In fact, I’ve probably just stepped into it a little deeper. Fellow Critic despises golf, so he’ll probably cancel me too. 

If a blog post falls in the forest, does anyone hear it?  


6 thoughts on “What My Critics Get Wrong

  1. Well. I remain a steady reader. In terms of voting for an 82 year old, I would prefer not too, but would have to look at the alternatives. The last POTUS lowered the bar quite a bit. I would like to see some of my former students run for President, and most of them are younger than 50. BTW I no longer want the job.

  2. LOL. Yes. I read all of your posts and LOVE them. Of course, this is in part because I often agree with them. I appreciate your perspective, however, even when I don’t agree or see what you see. And… THAT is the beauty in reading/hearing someone else’s perspective… And others striving to think critically surely feel the same — or at least we should all be trying to… It’s a journey! Who are we if we can’t hold multiple perspectives in our minds/hearts/hands at once and proceed feeling more enlightened, empathetic, and wise about the world and human nature?

    ALL KUDOS TO YOU for taking the time to stop, observe, reflect, write, and share your thoughts with the world. THAT is what we all need to celebrate regardless of how our thoughts compare with yours.

    Press on!

  3. Well, you may not be getting Peggy Noonan readership, but you’re getting her level of responses. And yes, I believe the most prominent job in the world should be performed by someone in his or her prime. I would not be disappointed if Mr. Biden decided he’d given it his all and stepped down after a successful four years. I’d know then that I truly voted for the candidate who cared about his country.

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