Shame On Me

For referencing this website. I promise it’s a one-off. This last paragraph is just too humorous.

“‘What gets me is the guts the guy had to just walk in like he belonged,’ said the security source. ‘He must have been a cool customer in the McKay Center. If he hadn’t tried to return punts at practice, he might still be out there because they might not have noticed him.'”

1 thought on “Shame On Me

  1. Why is this news? Guy snuck in to fb squad? You are a Bruin grad I presume from previous posts. Is this why you bring this up? Are you jealous of the Trojans??!! ;) BTW my son is a doctoral grad from USC, so there might be some bias in my comments, but let’s face it, our days as college students are long gone so any loyalty to a program is just pride from past history. Go Utes!

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