Breaking Point

How much can a guy take?

Today I watched my daughter beat my personal record in the 500 free. I know the book of parenting states very clearly that parents should celebrate whenever their offspring surpass them.

To which I say bullshit.

After I get this little run over with on Sunday, I will begin my quest to reclaim the family crown.  Just in case, please get Lance Armstrong’s pharmacist on the line (that was for you T!).

And yesterday, I watched years of personal economic progress erode in a few hours.  

So I guess yesterday I had my assets handed to me and today I had my ass handed to me.

At least a woman was nominated Vice-President.

3 thoughts on “Breaking Point

  1. When I was 12, I taught my best friend to swim breastroke, he beat me the next meet. The next year I taught another friend to play tennis, he proceeded to clobber me the next match. That’s when I knew I had a calling to be a coach!

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