This just in. Michael Phelps wrote me and said he doesn’t find me that interesting either so I guess we’re even. 

For the last three years, on the last Thursday of July, I’ve ridden my bike around Mount Rainier with 799 other gluttons for punishment. 152-154 miles and 10,000 feet of climbing fun. I just learned that this year I will be on the outside looking in since I will not make it off the waitlist. I’ve spent the last couple months impressively working my way through the waitlist peloton, but I simply started too far back.

Now I don’t know what the purpose of going on with cycling and even running and swimming is. I’m not entirely sure yet, but I suppose life is still worth living. If you’re wondering why don’t I do a personal version of RAMROD, it just wouldn’t be the same without Travis and Dave, the unrivaled scenery, and the Crystal Mountain sandwich food stop. 

That giant sucking sound you hear is my motivation to go long. In fact, why ride at all, why run, why swim, why move from the couch? I think I’ll just sleep in, stay in bed, eat, and smoke cigars. I’ll sell my bike on craigslist and use the proceeds to buy new pants and belts. It’s a nice carbon frame, 60cm, with Dura-Ace 7800 components. I’m now accepting offers. I also have a few pair of size 11 Mizuno Wave Creation running shoes still in the box,  some new goggles, a pair of zoomers, paddles, jammers, a gym bag, a Masterlock, some Infinit mix, a YMCA card, and wife who probably won’t have much interest in me in a few months.

Then again, there will be more of me to love. 

Take a good look at this picture of me at the Pre-Classic in June because the next time Dano snaps my picture, he’ll need a wide-angle lens.

The "Before" Picture


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