A Passport and Library Card

This post is only for men under 35, and my brother, “Mother’s Favorite”. If you don’t fall within that demographic, stop reading.

Yes, a happy wife equals a happy life, but what if  you’re single? Singleness is cool, but if you want to marry, get a passport and a library card. Traveling abroad and reading are probably optional. More advice here.

2 thoughts on “A Passport and Library Card

  1. Professor Byrnes –

    RE: A Passport and a Library Card

    Still love reading your blog but haven’t checked in lately.

    Am I the brother you’re referring to as “Mother’s Favorite?” Somehow, I’m thinking NOT!

    I didn’t know if I was allowed to continue reading because I didn’t know if I fell “within that demographic.”

    Let me know because I’m hoping to be able to finish the article.


    My best to YOU, LYNN and the two A’s – Love you ALL,

    Brother Don

    • Thanks Bro. Yes, our other brother is delusional. And I hereby grant you blog-wide reading privileges. Thanks for reading and hope all is well.

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