Getting Old Fast

Happened upon a t.v. magazine show segment on Keith Partridge/David Cassidy recently. He’s upset at companies that are using Partridge Family images, including ones of himself, to sell different products. Now he’s singing this slamin’ song instead of “I think I love you.”

She’ll deny it, but trust me, the GalPal recoiled at the sight of the 61 year old. “Change it! Change it!” She spent the better part of junior high fantasizing that she was the inspiration for “I think I love you.” Picture on the inside of the locker, poster above the bed, probably a Partridge Family lunchbox to rotate with the Planet of the Apes, the whole nine yards.

Goes both ways. Check out 1990 and 2011 Sinead O’Connor. I digged 1990 S.O. How many women have ever pulled off the buzz cut that well? Sedgy (combo of sexy and edgy) and pleasantly haunting voice. Still listen to her.

A couple of take-aways. First, Halle Berry and Orlando Bloom give the public time to accept your inevitable demise. Be sure to make at least a few public appearances every year.

Second, let’s all try to accept the fact we’re in decline, dying a little bit every day, week, month, year, decade. Forget the supplements, the surgeries, the moisturizers. Resistance is futile. Aging is natural. Death inevitable.

This is how the GalPal will always remember him

One thought on “Getting Old Fast

  1. I read about David Cassidy’s lawsuit, and the funny thing is earlier that day I was playing my CD made from the albums I bought back when I was ten years old — I still knew most of the songs by heart, and I hadn’t played the album for a long time. I also have been watching the old series Banacek – alas, George Peppard is dead and the last episode I watched had a young Margot Kidder looking fantastic at age 24. Every day we are one day closer to death, but I don’t know about decline. The bodies are in decline, but there is something about getting older that gives perspective and makes life a bit easier to take on a day by day basis. I read somewhere that on average people over 50 are happier than other age groups. I’ll see if I can find where I read that (my memory is slipping, I guess!)

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