Sports Utility Vehicles

IHS Markit forecasts that SUVs will make up half of all U.S. car sales this year for the first time, strengthening further to 54 percent of sales by 2025.

“SUVs are a monument to a broader American failure that has seen pedestrians and cyclists forsaken for endless miles of road building, with non–car users forced to push what Miller calls “beg buttons” to pause traffic to enter roads that should be egalitarian public spaces.

SUVs . . . not only bring a stew of pollution and an element of fear to those attempting to traverse roads on foot or bike—they are also fundamentally inefficient. ‘You are taking a 200-pound package, a human, and wrapping it in a 6,000-pound shipping container,’ he said. ‘For some reason we think that is a good way to move through a city. If Amazon used that rationale it would be out of business in a week.'”


4 thoughts on “Sports Utility Vehicles

    • Yeah, it’s safe to assume some/many of the buyers are going into debt to purchase them. The depreciation will be way more costly than the gas. And some subset won’t use them much differently than they would a smallish sedan. Just shows how much people influence one another’s decisions. We think we decided independently, but nothing could be farther from the truth.


  1. I have a pre 2000 Rollscanardly. Rolls down the hill and can hardly make it up the next one. Kids celebrated when we finally got a car that was built in this millennium.

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