Sign(s) of the Apocalypse

Sports Illustrated used to have a weekly “sign of the apocalypse” blurb which was some especially depressing sports-related quote or news event. Let’s revive it with this mind-blowing missive from Darren Rovell, ESPN Senior Writer:

“$13.2 million: Estimated value to Big Baller Brand as a result of the back and forth between LaVar Ball and Donald Trump over the UCLA basketball players release from China. The value grew another $4 million over the last 24 hours, including Trump’s two tweets on the topic this morning.”

Anyone who reads and/or talks about LaVar Ball is being played. Thanks to this post, I’m complicit in the mania now.

Two hundred years from now, in 2217, when academics are writing about the steady decline of the U.S. throughout the 21st and 22nd Centuries, an especially creative historian will point to the Donald Trump-Lavar Ball twitter back-and-forth as the beginning of the end of U.S. hegemony.

The President now supports Roy Moore because Moore denies the allegations. Trump strikes me as more amoral, than immoral. His only core values, as far as I can tell, are related, attract more attention and acquire more wealth. We have a President that doesn’t factor in the country’s best interests. And he has over three years left to wreak havoc.

Most depressing of all, my political party couldn’t find anyone to beat this guy.

Postscript: I hereby pledge to post again tomorrow. Something a little more upbeat for the best holiday of the year.