Paragraph to Ponder

E-mail from a friend:

“I won’t play Slo-Pitch if I’m suffering this much pain. I still contributed, but paid for that, postgame. Our league tried to be all things to all players, with no success. Get this…… all 6 teams made the playoffs, and all played 4 games. 6th Place ( us) played 1st Place, and beat them! 1st Place now had NO chance to play for the Championship! We played Game 2 against 2nd Place, who lost to 5th Place. We lost, and 2nd Place got to play the Championship Game in Game 3????? We played Game 3 against 1st Place(?)….. Winner plays for 3rd Place, Loser plays for 2nd Place ( WTF?????) We lost. Our Game 4 was for 2nd Place(?), against 2nd Place, who lost the Championship game. We WON, and finished in 2nd Place. SILVER MEDALS, Please????””