Twelve Years, One Address

I love setting personal records.* Most bananas in one day. Fastest time to mow the lawn. Most cycling miles in a month. Most miles on one tank of gas.

This week is a monumental one, longest time at one address. Twelve years. I haven’t lived anywhere else nearly as long.

Having put down roots is nice. I always have some wanderlust, but of course living in one place doesn’t preclude traveling. It’s amazing to me how rarely people move from this small corner of the world, but then again, it is a company (state government) town. It’s a scenic, relatively serene spot, and it’s nice knowing people and the lay of the land well. We intend on staying, but will probably move to the water’s edge at some point.

If we move within the city, do I have to start the clock all over?

* Saturday’s swim meet. Youngest, “You’re just timing random people?!” Me, “When you’re born a timer, you can’t help it, you just TIME.”