Rooting For The Capybaras

From “Capybara population ‘wreaking havoc’ in wealthy community in Argentina.”

“‘It’s not an invasion. That was the capybaras’ land years ago before this rich community built homes on top of the wetland,’ Ariel Fernandez told USA TODAY. ‘So a lot of us in Argentina are rooting for these capybaras to mess with the rich and out of touch. They’re wreaking havoc.'”

I confess, I had never heard of the capybaras.

“Of All The Paths You Take In Life, Make Sure Some Of Them Are Dirt.”

A few friends and I heeded John Muir’s advice this weekend.

Saturday we wondered for a wee bit on the Wonderland Trail where it intersects with the White River. Sunday we went long, looping the Burroughs Mountain Trail from Sunrise. If you’ve never done it, add it to your list. I felt very fortunate to live where we do. And to be alive.

Bonus picture from the niece’s July wedding in Colorado. Taken by Jeanette Byrnes of Jeanette Byrnes photography fame. If you’re looking for a photog, better hire her before she gets too expensive.


West facing valley


Peak-a-boo 1


Peak-a-boo 2


Peak-a-boo 3


Meandering meadow which may be snow covered by now


Purple haze



Best Wife, Dutiful Blogger, Eldest

Nature Day

When was the last time you were intentional about spending time in nature?

I live only two hours from one of the world’s most beautiful mountains, but don’t visit it often enough. And usually when I do, I’m working too hard on two wheels to truly enjoy it. It’s trippy driving through the Paradise parking lot and looking at license plates from all over the country. Its proximity probably contributes to my taking it for granted.

Amazingly, the sky and hija’s social calendars opened up last Thursday, so the four of us spent the bulk of the day hiking to Bench and Snow Lakes from the Stevens Canyon trailhead. Highly recommended. Spotty snow through the first mile and solid snow the final 400 meters. One daughter with a 3.9 g.p.a. wore sandals which proves good grades and common sense are not inextricably linked.

At one point I found myself 30 meters behind the galpal. I fired three snowballs at her and each landed right between her shoulder blades. My mad John Elway, Will Ferrel Elf-like snowball skills never cease to amaze me.

One half of the family makes A LOT of noise when they hike. Wonder if anyone at Saturday Night Live would be interested in a “Loud Hiking Family” sketch?

After lunch at Snow Lake and the hike back out, we visited the nice, new Visitors’ Center. The 20m long movie was excellent.

Do yourself a favor, unplug and make time for nature this summer.

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