New Whip

What I wanted.

What I got.

Alternative title—Y Not.

Postscript. Forty-five years ago I drove, rescued, cleaned, and parked electric car(t)s at Los Alamitos Country Club in Los Alamitos, CA. For $2.65/hour. Initial impressions of this one after the drive home from Seattle as compared to the ones I herded in the late 70’s. Steeper learning curve, but a wee bit nicer.

‘Take America Back’

That was the message on the “TRUMP 2024” sign on Old Military Rd in Tenino, WA yesterday as I cycled by. Which got me thinking.

Who took America? When did they take it? Where did they take it? The Good Wife said the answer to the first question is “obviously liberals”. But I’m a liberal and I haven’t taken it anywhere. So some subset of liberals? Even then, there’s the other questions.

If you happen to find it, please report its whereabouts.

“A Slight Openness”

From the New York Times.

“Among some Texans, the drumbeat of mass murder has fueled rising frustration and a slight openness to more gun regulation in a state where even Democrats proudly discuss their firearms. But the violence has done little to reshape the political realities in the State Capitol, where Republicans control both legislative chambers and all statewide offices.

In the past two years, as the state has been shaken by more than a dozen mass killings of four or more people, Texas has increased access to firearms, doing away with its permit requirements to carry handguns and lowering the age when adults can carry handguns to 18 from 21.”

Utter madness.

KD is Alright

And Taishi Ito is more than alright.

We never really know the athletes, actors, and other public figure’s whose work we enjoy. With that caveat, I liked early Kevin Durant, the one who talked lovingly about his mom when he was named the NBA’s Most Valuable Player in 2014.

Since then, he has gotten incredibly prickly, or maybe surly is the better word. Sensitive to criticism, the more he received, the more surly he became.

And then I read this Ryan Hockensmith piece, “The year (and friendship) that changed Kevin Durant forever” and I’m back to giving KD the benefit of the doubt. I’m sure that news will make his day.

Friendship first.

Dane Ferwey FTW

Half-marathon runner hands his winner’s medal to a rival because of a routing mistake.

“I told him, ‘Not to worry, mate, I saw the bike take you the wrong way. And after doing the maths and calculating how much time you lost because of the mistake, it was clear to me that you would have hung on and won had this not happened.'”

The Mail Online gets seriously carried away with their retelling of the story, “. . . shocking mistake, drama afterwards, stunning gesture.” Maybe they could’ve shortened it to “Ferwey is a good dude.” On the other hand, I am “chuffed” whenever “chuffed” is used.

Paragraphs to Ponder

Peggy Noonan:

“Most of those around Mr. Trump know his problems—bad judgment, little understanding of history, disordered ego. They’re for him for their own reasons. But to their credit, they never say, ‘He’s wiser than he was in his first administration,’ or ‘He’s mellowed,’ or ‘This is a good man.’

When your own people can’t say these things, that is a weakness. What they do believe, and will say, is the Democrats are worse, the media is worse, and Mr. Trump was never treated fairly. That is their sole unifying principle.

Those around Joe Biden believe in Mr. Trump, in that they believe they can take him. He can take Mr. Trump again. They can’t know that about other candidates but they know it of Mr. Trump because he does what Mr. Biden has long struggled to do, rally and unify the Democratic base. They long to read, ‘Trump Wins GOP Nomination.’ It means the November headline is ‘Biden Re-Elected.’ How odd it would be for Republicans at this point in history to give Democrats what they so long for.

Keri Russell Knows Herself

I’m always impressed with people who know their limitations and are comfortable with them. Probably because of the rarity of such intrapersonal intelligence.

Russell was amazing in The Americans and is currently staring in Netflix’s The Diplomat. This exchange is from a recent interview:

Recently you’ve done such a wide range of characters, from The Americans to Cocaine Bear. How do you find your characters?

I don’t know. My guy [Russell’s husband, Matthew Rhys] is a really serious actor. Like he can do German accents and s*** at the drop of a hat. He’s legit. And I am not like that. I have to read something and have an immediate, instinctual thing where I get it, I understand it. I can’t do everything. I have a limited amount I can do and I kind of go, “Oh, I know what that is. That’s funny to me,” you know? I’m not one of those people who goes, “Oh, my gosh, I’m gonna play a Russian drug addict. And I’m gonna get the accent. And I’m going to shave my head.” I know my limitations, and I think there’s just something about this character that I got immediately. This is closer to who I am than like a sly, cougar-walking Elizabeth Jennings from The Americans.